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Wills Associates of Houston, P.C. is an Texas law firm that handles all manner of probate and estate planning issues for the people of Houston and Texas. Many assume that the wealthy or elderly are the only people who need to create a will for their families. That is simply not the truth. Wills are efficient and secure ways to provide for your loved ones and avoid costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. The attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. have helped many people of all different walks of life and economic backgrounds ensure that their family’s financial future is provided for after they have passed on. Wills are legally binding directives typically used to name a personal representative, family members, friends, charities, or other recipients as inheritors of your real and personal property. A will can also be used to name a guardian to care for your children and to name for the estate. The attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. work with you on a personal level to create a will that best suits your individual interests and those of your loved ones. Without a will, it is far too common for disputes, financial expenses and emotional stress to arise after your death. Associates of Houston, P.C. can assist you in updating or modifying your will as well. It is wise to periodically review your will in light of changing laws, financial situations or family circumstances. Many wills fail to take into account major life events that occur after drafting; such as births, or divorces. Your goals may have also changed over time. In addition, you may want to inquire about related estate planning issues, such as living trusts and the probate process. If you are seeking to either create or modify a will, the probate and estate planning attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. can help ensure that the future of your family and loved ones is in good hands. Contact our Houston office at (858) 713-2199, or online. We serve clients in the Houston area, Harris County, other communities throughout Texas
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